It's a question that begs asking: Why are we sleeping on the Alamo Drafthouse?

Granted, the Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theater in Westminster, Colorado, about an hour's drive away from Fort Collins. It's a nationwide chain, with other locations in Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, California, and more.

After visiting the Drafthouse this weekend, though, I have to make the argument that it is the best movie theater in all of Colorado. Hands down. Why? Let me break down for you why this movie theater is worth the drive.

1. There's a 'no late-comers' policy.

Okay, this might seem a little intense at first, but it's so annoying to me when fellow movie-goers roll in halfway through the opening scene, dropping popcorn, searching loudly for their seats, taking five minutes to sit down, rustling their candy get it. Get to the movie early, the Alamo Drafthouse argues, and everyone will be happy. I, personally, love this.

2. The menu is bomb.

We've got a great selection of food at the Cinema Movie Bistro in Fort Collins (seriously, amazing wings) but the menu at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was next-level. I enjoyed a brussel sprout, goat cheese, and bacon pizza while my mom drank an alcoholic peanut butter milkshake beside me. Yum.

3. The pre-movie entertainment is tailored to the movie you're watching.

No Maria Menounos in sight: since I was seeing Little Women, we were treated to old clips from past Little Women adaptations, a reel of Greta Gerwig's best moments in film, and interviews from the cast. It got us in the right mindset for the film, and was actually worth watching....sorry, Noovie.

4. If you're talking or on your phone, you're out.

Going to the movies used to be my favorite thing in the world but lately, people care more about checking their Instagram notifications or loudly chattering about their weekend to the person sitting next to them instead of paying attention to the show. You're paying for a movie: respect others and shut up. That's what the Alamo Drafthouse wants you to do, too: if they see you on your phone during the movie, they'll give you a warning to put it away before asking you to leave. If someone beside you is talking so much that you can't hear the movie, you can complain to the staff and they'll take care of it for you. Cheers to that. 

5. Post-show drinks are a must.

After the movie, my mother, sister, and I went to the movie theater bar (yes, there is one of those) for some delicious cocktails before heading home. Mine involved some sort of prosecco-vodka blend, and my sister got a classic gin drink: the perfect post-show relaxation method. The bar was classy with plenty of options, the staff was great, and I honestly did not want to leave. 

Here's my plea: Let's get an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Fort Collins so that we can enjoy a movie theater that gets why we're going to see a film in the first place: relaxation, great food, and a fantastic show.

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