Now that Halloween is almost over, another holiday season will start to creep up.

Soon, we'll see Christmas decorations along the shelves of department stores, and turkeys will fill up the local markets.

It's an exciting time for many of us, as we begin to plan our ski vacations and Thanksgiving meals, but others are not so fortunate.

In fact, around 10,000 families in Northern Colorado will struggle to get a holiday meal this year. And they don't always fit the stereotype of a "struggling person" — hunger can strike anyone at anytime.

"There's people out there who need help with hunger, but they're not always easy to see," said Weston Edmunds, the Communications Manager at Weld Food Bank. "We have some people who come in and they say they're used to getting six figures...but they've become suddenly unemployed."

That's just one example of how hunger affects people in Northern Colorado.��It would be impossible to go through every example, as there are thousands, but one thing is clear: hunger in Northern Colorado is an issue.

The fact that hunger is such a big problem can seem daunting, but there is hope.

Here at Townsquare Media, we're partnering with the Weld and Larimer County food banks to give those 10,000 families a holiday meal.

One holiday meals costs $25 dollars — about the same price as four lattes from Starbucks or a large pizza from Krazy Karl's. If you're able, you can donate that $25 to Townsquare Cares: Feeding NoCo to feed a family this holiday season.

There are multiple ways to make a donation. Simply text NOCO25 to 50155 or visit our website. Whether you are able to donate $25 or $5, every bit can make a difference.

While the food banks are always working hard, as hunger is a year-round issue, getting a holiday meal on a family's table can mean so much in this time of giving.

"Every dollar counts, every turkey counts..we can give it to them and that makes their day," said Paul Donnelly, the Communications Director at the Food Bank for Larimer County. "Whether it's money, time, or food, it all goes to the common cause."

To learn more about Townsquare Cares: Feeding NoCo and how hunger is affecting Northern Colorado, listen to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Weston and Paul below.

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