Thursday, December 21st, Firefighters drink free!Not only do they help us here at home in local Northern Colorado, but our hometown hero's are also willing to leave their families to go to another part of the world to help whomever it is that is in need of help. A lot of our firefighters even train on top of their normal training, to be able to help with out of control fires like California right now. Training that can help save Colorado should such a tragedy happen closer to home.

Because of that, The Human Bean of Northern Colorado wants to give a special thank you to them this Thursday, December 21st, for their Thankful Thursday. The amazing way they give back to the community that they are so proud to be of. Every third Thursday of the month, they give thanks to those that serve and help Northern Colorado be a better, safer place to live. Be sure to spread the word that Firefighters can snag a free cup of coffee, Thursday, as a little thank you for all they do!

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