I know I drive 'like your grandma.' Leave me alone and put that finger away. Your grandma is probably awesome. Allstate released its America's Best Driver's Report for 2015. I'm actually a little shocked where Fort Collins landed on the list. 

Marjan Apostolovic/ThinkStock
Marjan Apostolovic/ThinkStock

Say it with me: We're number four! We're number four! Out of 200 cities from coast to cost, that is pretty impressive. Sure, we were number one last year, but ehhh, you can't win 'em all.

Allstate compiled the annual report using criteria like 'always buckling up to never texting behind the wheel,' and it looks like Kansas City is the place to drive. I feel safe on the roads here, as a cyclist and driver, but sometimes trying to get out of the office parking lot here during the lunch hour, it's New York rush hour or something, which makes me think. 'Number four... you sure?'

I do believe I became a better driver when I moved to Fort Collins, because of all the obstacles that pop up in the roads here (read: rogue cyclists and college students).

Do you think we should really be number four? You can see the report here.