We all remember our worst babysitters: For me, it was Rachel, who invited her boyfriend over as soon as my parents left for dinner and shouted at us if we made any noise while they made out during a movie. Hope she's well. 

For a lot of parents, it's important to teach their children independence. For others, a babysitter is a necessity. On that note, it's also kind of nice not paying a babysitter to come over every time you need to do something and teaching your children to supervise themselves. But at what age is that the best lesson to teach?

It's one thing to know your child's maturity level, but there's also Colorado law, and if you leave your child unsupervised under the age requirement, things could possibly go south. iMom.com shared the laws and recommendations from each state: So, where do we stand?

Specifically, Colorado law follows the guidelines from The National SAFEKIDS Campaign, which dictates that no child under the age of 12 be left home alone. However, unlike other states, this is a recommendation and not a requirement by law. Other states don't see that specific age as a priority: In Maryland, a child can stay home alone at the age of 8, Nebraska says 7 is fine, and Kansas? Kansas says 6 years old. 

Maybe you disagree and believe your child to be self-sufficient at 10. However you decide to parent, it's always a good idea to discuss with your child what to do in an emergency situation, establish rules and routines and, of course, make sure that they're able to take care of themselves while you and your partner enjoy date night.

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