It's 60 degrees, sunny and dry in Northern Colorado Tuesday afternoon, but Wednesday evening and Thursday morning's commutes will likely be a different story (for those of us who still commute, that is). 

Much like last Wednesday, snow is expected to move into the area in the afternoon. The Fort Collins region is only expected to get a few inches (like, three to four max), the National Weather Service predicts, but the roads may get messy by rush hour.

'Roads are expected to be snow covered and slippery Wednesday night and Thursday morning,' the National Weather Service posted in a Tweet.

Fear not if you aren't a fan of the snow, because not only will it not be nearly as cold as it was a couple weeks ago (it will be a lot warmer than the North Pole), but much of the snowfall will likely melt away by the end of the week, too. The National Weather Service in Fort Collins is reporting that Thursday and Friday will be mostly sunny with a high of 36 and 41 degrees, respectively.

Hopefully you got some outdoor time in last weekend though, because snow is expected to return this weekend. You can see the detailed forecast here.

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