I am so excited for a wintery weekend. I just love active weather and this weekend should be very active. I have other plans. I plan on being as inactive as possible and watch mother natures work. I will also tune into the Daytona 500 and watch people not drive in the snow. I love a weekend where I can sit inside guilt free and enjoy doing nothing. There are going to be a lot of happy skiers and sledders enjoying the fresh powder this weekend as well.

How much snow can you expect at your house? Here is what Storm Station 7 Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson is saying.

"A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the Front Range and the mountains starting this afternoon and continuing through Monday. 

The rain will change over the snow tonight and continue through much of Saturday with 3-6 inches expected in Denver. Another 3-6 inches will fall in the Denver area Saturday night and Sunday, bringing the storm total on the plain to 6-12 inches by Sunday night.

The Foothills may see 12-18 inches. The mountain should get 12-24 inches over the weekend."

Get the sled ready and enjoy some winter fun...or just sit there like I will.

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