The Western Slope suffered a hard freeze on April 13, 2020, which will result in a very low supply of the tasty Colorado Palisade peaches.

I'm not much of a peach fan myself, but I know plenty of friends who look forward to those Palisade peach stands every year. This year, on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, things will be looking very different for Northern Colorado when it comes to shopping for peaches.

Denver 7 has the news that after an unusually hard freeze on April 13, when temperatures dropped to 19°, all but 5% of the Palisade peach crop was destroyed.

This is especially difficult news given that Palisade peaches made up 75% of the state's yearly fruit production.

Governor Polis has submitted the paperwork for disaster funding to help the farmers who won't be making money off the crop this year, and it's highly likely that the remaining 5% of the crop will be sold solely on the Western Slope.

However, I have been informed that Odell Brewing has released their 'Peach Stand Rambler,' and I hear it's delicious. So, maybe that will fill the gap until our next harvest season?

Get more on the hard freeze and the devastated crops from Denver 7 HERE.

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