Colorado has long been a popular destination for celebrities - namely for the skiing and wide open spaces called the Rocky Mountains. But what do these mansion dwellers do on their Colorado vacations when cabin fever takes over?

Here's a breakdown of what several celebs did during their 2016-2017 holiday stay. 

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    Angelina Jolie & Co. in Crested Butte

    According to the Daily Mail, Jolie was spotted skiing on New Year's Day with kids Zahara, Vivienne, and Knox, along with a ski instructor. The slopes on which their feet graced were connected to the mansion property the clan secured for their holiday. Angelina was also seen about town with Shiloh, Knox, and a bodyguard getting ice cream at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, where they tried out those almost too-damn-pretty-to-eat caramel apples. After that, the group went to a toy shop and cards store where they *hopefully* bought Exploding Kittens, which I hear is a really fun game. (I don't actually know what they bought, but the bodyguard allegedly left the stores "carrying a bunch of bags.")

    Jason Merritt/Getty Images
    Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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    Conor Kennedy in Aspen

    Taylor Swift's ex Conor Kennedy, on the other hand, got arrested during his vacation. It was all for a good cause, though!

    According to Out, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and great nephew of JFK was defending his gay friend in a bar fight which broke out after someone refused to apologize for mouthing a homophobic slur at his friend. Conor's father, proud papa Robert Kennedy Jr., told the Aspen Times his son has "always reacted against bullying" and that while he's sorry it escalated to the point where police got involved, he's "happy he stood up for his friend."

    Aspen Police Department via Aspen Times
    Aspen Police Department via Aspen Times
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    Mariah Carey in Aspen

    After arriving in Aspen via private jet with "All I Want For Christmas Is You" blasting in the background (see video below), Mariah Carey did what a lot of out-of-staters would do when visiting Colorado.

    According to TMZ, Mimi bought (and I'm guessing indulged in) high grade marijuana.

    Aspen "sources" tell TMZ that Mariah went shopping at The Original Leaf "at least a few times over the Christmas weekend," where she reportedly bought a strain called Amafu, which is sold for $400 an ounce.

    It's very possible she could have been buying  for a friend, but...

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    The Kardashians in (where else?) Aspen

    The Kardashian family frequently travels to Aspen for their winter and spring vacations, but their Colorado holiday was jam-packed with all sorts of extra celebrity encounters.

    Kourtney Kardashian went shopping with (or bumped into?) actress Kate Hudson, Paris Hilton, and model Bella Hadid (see Mail Online's video here).

    Of course, Scott Disick was also in Aspen, a city he's definitely no stranger to. Back in January 2015, he went on a wild drinking and partying binge with his crew at Aspen's Hotel Jerome, reportedly spending over $1,400 worth of booze in two nights. This holiday was much different, however. Disick hit the slopes for a fun day of skiing with Kourtney and their children.

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