Spring is in the air... Literally! Pollen is abound and making its way into your sinuses this time of year. Some people are lucky enough to not have to deal with allergies, while others have a tendency to develop them over time. That is exactly what happened to me. I never had them as a kid and well into my twenties, then one year it felt like I was punch in the face by a tree. They are horrible!


They got particularly bad when I lived in Oregon. My face swelled up, I couldn't not sneeze every 6 seconds either. One day I counted how many times I sneezed... It was well over 100 times. Thankfully, someone told me about a good way to alleviate your allergies without taking over the counter medication. Are you ready for it? Here it is: HONEY. Yep, honey! Not just any honey though. The honey you need to use is local honey. Think less than a 50 mile radius around where you live and or work.

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The reason local honey helps out so much is the pollen collected by the honeybees is the same pollen that affects your allergies. When you take local honey daily, your body is building up immunity slowly to the various pollen that are affecting your allergies. So if you are looking for a way to help curb the pain and suffering of your allergies, pick up a bottle of local honey at the store, farmers market or possibly a local stand while you are out and about over the weekend. Take a tablespoon or two a day and see if it helps you out. It sure did for me!