The Rockies are off to a pretty rough start already in the 2021 season, as they currently sit tied in last place in the NL West with a 1-3 record.

With some major player moves taking place during the off-season, and the way the new season has already begun, many fans are wondering just how well the Rockies will fare this year.

It's impossible to predict the future, and with 162 games a lot can happen, but there's always pre-season projections to use as an indicator of how the Rockies rank among the rest of the MLB teams.


From sports to politics, loves looking at numbers, and regularly analyzes a spectrum of rankings and statistics across a range of topics. When determining 2021 MLB predictions, things don't seem very bright for the Rockies. The website has them finishing last in the entire league, with a estimated record of 64 wins and 98 losses - ouch!


FanGraphs focuses on statistics for Major and Minor League baseball, using methods of statistical analysis, graphs, and projections to reach their findings. Their predictions for the 2021 MLB season are slightly better for the Rockies than FiveThirtyEight, but not by much. According to current calculations, FanGraphs has the Rockies ending the season with a 69-93 record, and only finishing with better standings than the Rangers and Pirates.


An acronym for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm, PECOTA is a baseball projection system, known for forecasting team records for the season to come. Based on their 2021 predictions, the Rockies don't look too hot. In fact, according to PECOTA, there's a 0% chance the Rox could even win their division this year, or make it in to the playoffs as the wildcard team. As far as regular season games go, PECOTA believes the Rockies will win around 60.4 games and lose 101.6 — and unfortunately, all signs point to the Dodgers winning the division for yet another year.

USA Today

A six-person panel of sports experts from USA Today came up with their own thoughts on how the 2021 season will play out. USA Today predicts the Rockies will finish with a record of 66-96, blaming things like the Arenado trade, and possible pending trade of Story, as their potential downfall. While the publication mentions that competent pitching could save the Rockies from "a disastrous season," a majority of fans in Colorado would likely agree it will be the complete opposite that happens.

Sports Illustrated

Taking into consideration the 162-game season, Sports Illustrated has the Rockies winning a mere 58 games, and therefore losing 104. Sadly, the only compliment SI gave to Colorado's baseball team was in regards to their beautiful stadium. Yikes!


RotoChamp determines their preseason projected standings by compiling stats from Baseball Prospectus, Davenport, FiveThirtyEight, and FanGraphs. As you can probably imagine, based on what some of these sources have already predicted above, RotoChamp is in the same range, guessing that the Rockies will win a total of 64 games and in turn, lose 98 of them.

In the shortened 2020 MLB season, the Rockies walked away with a 26-34 record, finishing 4th in the NL West.

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