So many choices:  The Great Sand Dunes.  Grand Lake.  Sports Authority Field.  Limon.  The Ever Open Cafe.

Somehow, fun seekers found their way around all those and instead submitted photos on Instagram to Red Rocks Amphitheater.

raginalicious via Instagram
raginalicious via Instagram

While in all seriousness this result was predictable, the article is pretty fun, because it shows 49 more of perhaps the most worthwhile spots to visit in the great United States.

  • When I think of my next California visit, I quickly become overwhelmed and indecisive.  Most Instagrammed spot there?  Disney's California Adventure.  Likewise, for Florida it was the Magic Kingdom.  Pretty sure I'd rather be on the beach.
  • National parks took the most popular slot in numerous states, shedding light on Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, as well as parks in Alaska, Maine, Montana, Tennessee, and Utah.
  • In D.C., people still love to visit the White House.
  • Minnesota was the Mall of America.  Gotta say, if I were up for living in a Midwest city, Minneapolis is where I'd be.  I've just always had a lot of fun there.
  • In Texas, the San Antonio River Walk is getting the most attention.
  • Several states are getting noticed for a university.
  • Here's the rest.  

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