In April, Jared Polis told Coloradans that it was advisable to wear cloth masks in public for the safety of yourself and others. I've heard the same refrain over and over again from friends and family ever since:

"Cloth masks don't do anything."

While N95 masks should only be reserved for medical personnel, they're much more effective than cloth when it comes to providing protection from the coronavirus. However, there are materials that are better than others when it comes to making your own mask, and when it comes down to it, remember: something is always better than nothing.

Air purifier company Smart Air recently did a study of over 30 face mask materials to see which ones were the best at blocking out germs and contaminated air. According to Yahoo News, "they tested over 30 different materials ― including bra pads, coffee filters, pillow cases, electrostatic cloths, cotton T-shirts, wool, bed sheets, polyester, bandanas and more ― for their effectiveness in filtering coronavirus-sized microparticles, as well as their breathability." So which ones came out on top?

Well, save your jeans, your canvas totes, and those old bedsheets: flip through the gallery below to find the top 5 best materials for homemade face masks.

Here Are the 5 Safest Materials For Homemade Face Masks

To find out exactly how the test was conducted, check out the full Yahoo News article right here. In the meantime, I'm cutting up some overalls.

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