Things did not go as planned for those who attended Halsey's concert in Maryland Wednesday night (June 8), as their Love and Power Tour stop was canceled after the venue became heavily flooded.

It all began when storms started to affect the area in the evening, with the Howard County and Baltimore areas briefly placed under a tornado warning. However, fans had already filled the Merriweather Post Pavilion when it started to flood.

Due to heavy flooding, the venue announced that the show, originally scheduled to begin at 7PM, would be delayed until 9:30PM. But around 10PM, the venue confirmed that the show would not be going forward as planned and was indeed canceled.

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Halsey didn't wait to share her thoughts about the situation, emphasizing the importance of safety. On Twitter, they said:

"Maryland I don’t even know what to say. If you missed my live, I’ll post something soon explaining what happened. But right now I’m heartbroken and panicked and I just want to know when/that you all get home safely. I love you guys more than anything."

However, the "Without Me" singer's post did not end there. They continued:

"It wouldn’t have been safe for the audience for me to have just walked out on stage. If anyone ran towards the stage or rushed it or anything a lot of people could have gotten hurt given the circumstances, please understand."

But it was already too late.

Concertgoers who had been waiting the delay out in the outdoor venue were drenched by this point, and chaos had broken out.

Fans were quick to share videos from the concert, with one person even joking about how Halsey's team went all out with the "special effects." Footage shared on Twitter shows fans getting absolutely soaked due to a leak in the rafters, while flood waters surge though the stands and cascade down the steps, pooling in the pit.

On social media, other concertgoers reported that amid the flooding some fans began vomiting in the crowd.

Others recounted a distressing incident with wildlife. Upsetting footage from on site shows a venue staff member kicking a panicked squirrel off the stage and into the flooded pit, where it doesn't seem able to escape the high water.

Some attendees later shared the squirrel was saved from the water.

Halsey's canceled concert last night was part of their Love and Power Tour, which, as of reporting, is still currently slated to continue on June 11 in New York.

As of reporting, there is currently no word as to when those who attended can expect refunds, which will be made available at the point of purchase according to the venue.

According to Halsey, the Maryland show will be rescheduled and take place at a different venue.

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