A window shatters, cans of donated food go flying. 'Sorry, no parking in the studio.'  It was one crazy morning at Elevated Hair Studio in Loveland.

In the end, the ]best] thing about this story, is how fate seems to have played a hand in nobody getting seriously injured.

The Reporter-Herald has the story on how on Thursday morning (November 14, 2019), a client of Elevated, while parking, accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and smashed in through the big window they have.

I stopped in on Friday, and the place was still kind of a mess, of course, but April (the owner and a stylist there) was willing to give me the 'run down,' again.

I was in this back closet-area, heard the noise and turned to see glass, cans of food and concrete flying across the floor.

The four-year-old salon has been collecting food for the Food Bank of Larimer County and all of their collections were right in front of the window. I was told that among the damage, there was a bag of split peas that had 'split open.'  They got a good chuckle out of that.

It's good to laugh because if things had gone the way that April had wanted that day, she and a client might have been seriously hurt.

April had asked her 10:00 appointment if she wanted to come in at 9:00 instead. That client had a fitness class to conduct and couldn't move her appointment. If she HAD come in at 9:00, that would have put her and April right in front of the window at 11:00 while doing some waxing.

April and fellow owner/stylist Stephanie hope to have the damaged window repaired as quickly as possible, which will be covered by the driver's insurance.

Get more on the hair-curling experience from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

Courtesy: April Casey
Courtesy: April Casey
Courtesy: April Casey