I read this exclusive update about the Jessica Ridgeway murder from Fox 31 and was just disgusted. After arresting 17-year-old Austin Reed Sigg last night, police have released more and more disturbing details about Ridgeway’s death.

Read on, but be warned that the details are very graphic.

You can read the full story from Fox 31, but here is some of what's in there. I’m practically sick to my stomach after reading it.

  • Sigg told police he drove by Jessica Ridgeway on the morning of October 5, turned his car around and grabbed her. He brought her into the car where he hog-tied her and then he strangled her to death.
  • FBI evidence recovery teams found parts of the little girl’s body inside the crawl space at the house.
  • Sources say police were still in search of a secondary crime scene where Ridgeway’s body may have been dismembered as parts of it were discovered on October 10 in an open field in Arvada.
  • The two main connections police had to their suspect were the torso found in the field and the little girl’s backpack which contained many of her clothes.
  • A high-placed law enforcement source says Sigg confessed to leaving those things as a distraction for police.

I still cannot even fathom what would make anyone, let alone, a 17-year-old do something like this another human being. Nor can I even imagine what must be going through the heads and hearts of Jessica’s family, or that of Sigg’s family.

So many lives, forever stained by this horrific act.

Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO, Facebook

Rest in Peace Jessica. May your family find closure and justice in the coming months, what was done to you is wrong and unforgivable.

I'm going to go home and hug my daughter, and hug my wife. And hope.

Hope that my faith in humanity has not been shattered. Between the murders, the child abductions, the bombings, the mass-shootings, and all the other horrid things that have littered the news lately, I have to believe that most people are "good". That most people would not intentionally end anther's life, torture them, and make them suffer.