Ever heard of a victory garden? These were gardens planted during World War I and World War II to help prevent food shortages around the world. Colorado State University wants to work with us to create a modern victory garden project called Grow & Give.

Since the pandemic hit, local food banks and community members have suffered. With CSU's new program, those in our local community can "take advantage of their time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to get outside and plant gardens, whether they are longtime gardeners or first-time planters," according to a press release. By doing so, you can help reduce pressure on Colorado's food supply.

Drive by Gulley Greenhouse & Garden Center and see the packed parking lot: Coloradans want to be outside, gardening and taking in the sun! Now, you can do that for a great cause.

Take a free online vegetable gardening course, plant extra seeds for our local food banks, and register your gardens with Grow & Give.

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When to plant your garden in Colorado


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