Soon you’ll be able to see Billie Joe Armstrong, the front man for Green Day, on the big screen.

Green Day’s Album “American Idiot” was already successfully adapted as a Broadway stage musical and now a cinematic version is in the works. Armstrong has signed on to play the role of St. Jimmy (The same role he played numerous times on Broadway).

The movie is planned to be released in 2013 and is being developed by Tom Hanks’ “Playtone Productions” which was also behind the 600 million dollars that the big screen version of “Mamma Mia!” took in.

Armstrong will be working with at least one familiar face as Michael Mayer, the same guy who directed the musical will be directing the movie. No other names have been confirmed on the project yet.

I'm fairly certain "American Idiot' could turn out to actually be a good movie. I was doubtful when the band said they were creating a "rock opera," but they pulled it off. Then I was skeptical of a Broadway adaptation, but they successfully the pulled that off too. So, it's tough for me to  have doubt the movie.

Check out video of the Broadway cast version on "21 Guns" below.


Billie Joe Armstrong

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