Love to watch re-runs of Bob Ross Painting his little trees? This class is just for you! “All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”   -Bob Ross. Once, while watching one of Bob Ross's episodes and thinking to myself, "I would never be able to paint like that"...out came that quote from him and I have never forgotten it. The quote is true in a lot of skill trades, you have to have the right equipment to do a great job. I think Bob Ross was the true inspiration for all of the Sip -n- Paint classes popping up everywhere.

Greeley's Grand Lake's 16th St Tavern, 915 16th Street, is offering a paint like Bob Ross class, where you can have a beer, get all the right tools, and learn to paint like Bob with a certified Bob Ross style instructor. The class is Thursday, August 24th, 7pm and admission is only $35. The class will supply all the art essentials and the brewery is offering half off beer and cider. Come, have a beer, have some great food, and enjoy painting an amazing landscape, just like Bob Ross.

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