Whether you’re just starting out (rocking your training wheels) or have put thousands miles under your tires, Greeley invites you out to ride the streets and trails that the city has to offer!

Greeley Bking

It seems Fort Collins get all the spotlight about folks wanting to get out on two-wheels, but Greeley rides too! They have over 90 miles of bike lanes and 20 miles of bike trails! So, they’re inviting everybody out one night each month during the spring and summer--- to ride!

Organized by the Transportation Service Division of the Public Works Department, these free events will depart at 6 p.m. at various locations around Greeley. A great way to spark interest in kids, and a great way to meet other cycling enthusiasts!

So, grab your helmets and meet up:

Is your BIKE ready to roll?  Here's a quick video on how to get it tuned-up!

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