The resident of a local apartment complex posted an outraged Facebook message this week, begging the Fort Collins community to rally around the geese population whose eggs are being demolished.

According to the Facebook post, resident Rosalie Dionysius said:

"Around this time there is always a mother goose who lays her eggs in this nest. Last year around the same time someone SMASHED all of her eggs. My family watched the mother goose dig through the broken shells with her beak confused and very upset. Well, someone did it AGAIN this year. Not only did he/she SMASH the eggs, he/she also left a large rock in the nest in attempt to make the geese avoid their area. I get it, geese can be annoying at times but this is extreme in my opinion."

Dionysius continued to say that she reached out to the Division of Wildlife, who sent an officer to investigate the issue. Harming geese, because they are a protected species, is illegal, so the apartment complex will be under a tighter watch going forward.

If you see anyone in your area harming geese or their eggs, call the Division of Wildlife and report them to a state officer. You can read the full Facebook post right here.

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