I am all for tattoos. I have one and thinking about getting another, but I don't think I would ever tattoo someone else's name on my face. Especially someone I had only know for 24 hours.   Lesya met Ruslan in an online chatroom and apparently fell "head over heels in love". 24 hours after the had met in person, she had him tattoo his name on her beautiful face and she has already taken his last name on Facebook. It's cool though, they plan on getting married.

She had this to say about the face tattoo;

It's a symbol of our eternal devotion. I'd like him to tattoo every inch of my body.

Cool... Don't you think you should have maybe started out with other parts of your body first? I am glad that they are so in love and plan on getting married, but you just think that she would have waited for the face tattoo for, I don't know, their first year anniversary???

Would you ever get a face tattoo?

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