There was one day this week where I received six phone calls in two hours, and not one of them was from someone I knew. No, I'm not incredibly popular-- I'm getting spammed, and so is everyone else.

According to CNN, "Nearly half the calls made to US cell phones in 2019 will be spam, according to a study by First Orion referenced in a Federal Communications Commission report Thursday."

Ever get a call that looks like it's from your hometown? Apparently, technology is moving forward at such a rate that robocalls are consistently using familiar-looking area codes, and that kinda makes you want to pick it up least, it works for me.

The FCC claims that they are trying to police these robocalls using call tracing and authorization, but it's a difficult process.

In the meantime, report any unlawful spam call you get, and if it's just annoying, do what I do: everything you can to not throw your expensive phone against the wall.

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