I am going to sound like a pregnant chick here for a second, forgive me. There are just days where I feel like walking the house in nothing but my undies, watching chick flicks all day, and eating McDonald's, but being too lazy to go get it. Ever have one of those days? If so, and you live in Fort Collins, you are in luck, my friend! 

The McDonald's at 2401 S. College Ave. teamed up with the online delivery service OrderUp to bring more calories than you can count to your front door, and helping you to not burn any by having to walk to your car too, of course.

The ordering process is as simple as opening your internet, going to Orderup.com, and clicking on the things you want. The website will also tell you if you are in delivery range by entering your address.

Get your order started here. Oh, and do you want fries with that?