Game of Thrones is back, and I'm ready for season 6 to start answering some questions. Here is my review and reaction to episode 1, after season 5 left fans with the ultimate cliffhanger. Season 5 of GOT left Arya blind, Sasa fleeing with Theon, Daenerys back int he hand of the Dothraki, Sam on his way to becoming a Master, Jami with his daughter dying in his arms, Tyrion left in charge of Marine and John Snow left bloody in the snow. With the series catching up with the books that the show is based on, no one knows where GOT is headed, and I have some theories watching the first episode of season 6.

I don't believe we've seen the last of John Snow, and the Red Witch has a big role to play. I also think we are going to see John Snows "brother," Bran play an intricate part of John finding out his true lineage. Many fans are also wondering if we will see several of the storylines from earlier books, that have been skipped in previous season of the show.

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