This popular doughnut chain is approaching a 'baker's dozen' amount of locations across the country. Speaking of approaching, they're coming to DIA.

Voodoo Doughnut is great and offer a wide variety of mouth-watering choices, including cannolo (who doesn't love a cannolo?). I've only been into one of their locations once— the one on Colfax in Denver.

There are currently ten Voodoo Doughnut locations across America: two in Denver (on Colfax and Broadway), four in Oregon, two in Texas, one at Universal City in Hollywood and one at Universal Orlando.

According to the Denver Post, DIA will have a Voodoo Doughnut location on concourse B before the end of the year. You can remember which concourse this way: 'B' as in blueberry. Blueberry as in Voodoo's Blueberry Cake doughnut. Mmmmmmm, blueberry.

What a great idea, to have such a common comfort-food at the airport; plus, doughnuts easy to travel with, so there's no downside. I like the idea of grabbing a Voodoo Doughnut and a coffee (instead of a Bloody Mary) before taking off.

The company started over 20 years ago in Portland and just seems destined to have a  Fort Collins location. Their current CEO comes from MOD Pizza; we have MOD Pizza in Fort Collins... Don't mind me, I'm just putting the pieces together.

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Get more on flying with Voodoo Doughnuts at DIA from the Denver Post HERE.

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