With the return of Money Mondays, we can't help but think about all of the cool things that a million dollars could buy. Maybe a luxury sports car or an extravagant trip to the Caribbean? However, not all lottery winners choose to splurge on expensive items and vacations— believe it not some actually choose to do good things with their new earnings. 

When the Lohse family of small town, Bondurant, Iowa won a lottery jackpot of $202 million, their life completely changed — but not in the way that you may think. Sure, Brian Lohse quit his job as an attorney and Mary Lohse now works on an as-needed basis, but that doesn't mean that this couple is off wining and dining on luxurious cruises whenever they please.

Instead, the lucky winners chose to invest $4.5 million into building a local grocery store, which prior to their doings, never existed in their town. The couple shares the outlook that since they didn't personally earn the money, why not do some good with it and help out others who need it?

Not only did the Lohse family aid in providing a place for community members to pick up their groceries, rather than being forced to drive to the neighboring town as before, but they have helped in making other huge differences around Bondurant too. The couple paid off the mortgage for their church (and also bought a brand new Mustang for the pastor). They also donated a hefty amount of their winnings towards building a new high school football stadium, as well as also giving donations to city parks and local fundraisers. In addition to helping the people in their town, the Lohses made sure to share their jackpot with friends and family, near and far.

Prior to winning the lottery, the couple was once facing a foreclosure on their home and were extremely close to being broke. Now, the Lohses' have all of the money that they could ever need and more, but still choose to live a simple life, while remaining humble and helping out others whenever they can. Their oldest son works a part-time job and continues to drive a used car, while their other son played a hand in providing a classmate who's family was struggling to put food on the table, $2000 worth of gift cards for Christmas.

After helping out everyone around them, the multimillionaires did spend a bit of their winnings on themselves, purchasing a new SUV and a pickup truck. They have also built a cabin in Minnesota and are in the works of building a new home in their town of Bondurant.


It goes to show you that winning the lottery can definitely change a person, however, not always in the way that you would think. Thanks to the Colorado Lottery and Money Mondays, you could be the next millionaire. So, how would you choose to spend your winnings?

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