Today is 7-Eleven's unofficial birthday, and the nation's largest convenience store is  expecting to give away 5 million Slurpees in celebration. Roughly 1,000 freebies per store!

Absolutely free, no coupons, no questions asked. You just waltz in, fill up your 7.11 ounce Slurpee cup and they say, "Have a Nice Day." You can find out more at and find a participating 7-Eleven near you. There are 26 in the Fort Collins/Loveland/Greeley area, so you should have no problem getting your Slurpee fix. Why on earth would the company give away so much free product? Well, a story in the USA Today states that, "Slurpee sales for the [free Slurpee] day rocketed 38%."

"You get a taste of it," says Slurpee senior brand director Laura Gordon, "and you choose to have more."

I hit up the 7-Eleven just down the street from our studios in Windsor at 7:11am to get some of the first freebies of the day.  (It's never too early for a Slurpee, is it?) Michael Stone from our sister station Tri 102.5 had already hit up the convenience store around 5am and had come back with the sad news that the free beverages didn't start until after 7:11, so we were forced to play the waiting game while staring at the 7-Eleven sign down the street. But it was all worth it when I filled up my cup with Today I went with 'Alien-ade' Slurpee (blueberry, raspberry, & lemonade...tasty stuff).


Now the big question: what is your favorite Slurpee flavor? I think some of my favorites are "Cherry Coke" and "Sour Apple.'  Click here to see the current official flavors available at 7-Eleven now, and click here to see a complete, unofficial list of ALL Slurpee flavors.

As always, these types of promotions are available while supplies last at participating locations. Comment below and let the rest of us know if you find a location that is NOT participating.


Fun Slurpee facts (Find more at

  • Early prototypes for the Slurpee machine made use of an automobile air conditioning unit.
  • Slurpee drinks are carbonated.
  • Sugar is the anti-freezing agent in most Slurpee drinks.
  • Only one private individual owns a bona fide Slurpee machine. The rest are in 7-Eleven stores.
  • Slurpee was "invented" when some sodas were put in a freezer to cool them down — and they became all slushy.
  • At Slurpee, we call it a BrainFreeze. The scientific name for it is Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.