The City of Fort Collins is suspending enforcement of some parking rules amid the coronavirus outbreak.

According to a press release from the city, City Manager Darin Atteberry approved the suspensions by emergency order on Wednesday (April 1) in order to accommodate business owners and employees who are still required to work.

The suspensions, which only apply to some non-safety related rules, are effective immediately and will last for at least 15 days after coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

The following enforcement activities are suspended:

  • The 4-Hour Block Face Rule
  • All time-limited parking spaces
  • Expired registration
  • Booting
  • Residential Permit Parking areas

The following enforcement activities are still in place:

  • Parking by a red curb
  • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Parking in No Parking areas
  • ADA Parking regulations
  • Loading zones
  • Blocking driveways and alleys
  • Parking in travel lanes (including bike lanes)

The press release notes that the above list does not include all enforceable violations, and that you may still receive a citation for something not on this list.

Additional suspensions and changes:

  • Discontinuing mail notifications to avoid citations from passing through the initial 15-day escalation cycle
  • Turning off citation escalations to allow for additional time to pay/contest
  • Granting permit holders a one-time waiver if their permit ends during COVID-19
  • Businesses can receive account credit or a refund for permits
  • Those who need to contest a citation can wait until restrictions are lifted

Find more information about these changes here.

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