In a recent study, 'Password' was still the 4th most used password, and one of the top ones to NOT use.

Here it is, 2020, and there are still over 2 million people using 123456 as a password. But 2020 has been crazy, so it shouldn't be that surprising, really., recently published the '200 Most Common Passwords of 2020' with data on how many users had these passwords and how easy they were to crack.

A new entry this year, at #100 is '789456123.' Almost clever, yet it still would only take one second to crack it, according to NordPass.

One of our co-worker's name is Madison. 'Madison' shows up as #171 on the list, though it's trending down from 2019 (Sorry, Madi.)

'Jordan' in one form or another is also a popular name to use as a password.

'JobanDTalent' was the toughest to crack, though in 2020.

I hear Commander Spock in my head, 'Fascinating.'

Get the lowdown on the passwords you should and should NOT use from NordPass HERE.

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