Fort Collins is not unused to being on 'happiest' or 'best' lists that come out ever year, but this one is oddly specific.

According to, Fort Collins is #3 on the list of '50 Best College Towns to Live in Forever'. We concur.

I came to Fort Collins for college because I wanted to get out of Texas and I liked the campus, and I've lived there ever since. It could be because of the weather, the proximity to all the fun things in Denver, or all of our amazing local breweries...whatever it is, we have an incredible community that is very hard to leave behind once college is done.

 Fort Collins has a history as being a military base starting in 1864. Now, it is the location for the well-known Colorado State University. In 2006, this thriving town was ranked as the best place to live. In 2008, it came in second place as the best place to live and then sixth place in 2010. Due to the benefits from Colorado State University, Fort Collins is home to a few big research facilities, such as the following: Hewlett Packard, Intel, AMD, and much more.

Heads up, may want to stick around a little longer.

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