Northern Colorado's giant heart is on display once again as a local man from Fort Collins traveled to the border of Ukraine to assist with free pet services.

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Fort Collins Man In Ukraine To Help With Pets

I was just having a conversation with some of my radio fam here in Windsor just last week about just how many huge, giving hearts we have here in our Northern Colorado community. That proves to be true again as Denver 7 reports that local veterinarian, Jon Geller, from Fort Collins, Colo., traveled on his own dime to help care for pets near the Ukraine and Romania border.

It's there that he set up a mobile vet tent to help tend to those animals caught in the middle of all of that craziness to help make sure they're properly cared for. Joe's mobile vet clinic is helping to provide pet passports, vaccines, and whatever they can to ensure safe travel for them.

Denver 7 YouTube
Denver 7 YouTube

Jon said in an interview with Denver 7:

“It was like everybody else, I wanted to help and I knew it would take a leap out of my comfort zone since I didn’t know what I was getting into. They want to leave, they want to bring their pets, but there’s a lot of requirements for them to pass through Eastern Europe with their pets. They are really worried about their pets. For some of them, they’d feel lost without them ”


My boss says often that Northern Colorado loves their pets as much as their own children (and craft beers), and this is apparent when a man from our own backyard set out on an adventure, risking his well-being, to help others make sure their pets are safe in such a time of need through his local non-profit Street Dog Coalition. Thank you, Mr. Geller.

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