The West Elizabeth corridor may get a MAX service soon.

Currently, the City of Fort Collins is launching a design project for their Bus Rapid Transit service which, according to a press release, is a bus route that has the same features of rail transit. Yes, just like the MAX service that opened in 2014.

The MAX line in Fort Collins, since its creation, has been seen as a huge success in the city, which includes getting more drivers off the road and onto the buses, using public transit. In order to move forward with the Bus Rapid Transit designs, the city must look at a few things first.

For one, the design plans are only about 30% of the way done. The team responsible must look at traffic, drainage and utilities in the area, hold an environmental review, and consider the "determination of future transit operations and service," according to 

Why the West Elizabeth Corridor, you may be asking yourself? The city notes that thousands of residents and jobs exist in that area of Fort Collins, and providing an easier access to pubic transit may be the best way to service the citizens living in this area.

For more information on the new design plans for the BRT line, head to the city's website right here. 

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