The pandemic not only changed how people live in Northern Colorado, but how business is done.

The City of Fort Collins reported 2020 sales fell 2.7% during the year, going from $3.29 billion in 2019 to $3.20 billion in 2020.

The lodging industry took the biggest hit, seeing a 47.9% reduction in sales in 2020 and going from $75 million in sales in 2019 to $39.1 million in 2020.

Clothing and accessories (-26.4%), broadcasting and telecommunications (-19.8%) and restaurants, caterers and bars (-16.7%) were other industries hit particularly hard.

Meanwhile, some industries managed to make sales gains in 2020 in Fort Collins.

Manufacturing increased by $6.7 million or 11.1% in 2020. Grocery, convenience and liquor stores went up 9.2%. Pharmacy, salon and laundry services were up 8%.

Here's to hoping Fort Collins and the rest of Northern Colorado will see much industry growth in 2021.

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