The new Wendy's restaurant in Timnath is the first place I've noticed hanging signs notifying customers that some menu items are not available because of shortages due to COVID-19.

I asked one of the employees what they were doing differently in response to their new limitations, and she said replied that:

The only thing we do now is the double stacks and we've cut back on everything else.


However, Fort Collins is not the only area experiencing fluctuations in the supply chain. Florida tomatoes have been rotting in their fields and Colorado's peaches were ruined by a spring deep freeze. The CEO of Tyson meats even took out a full page ad in The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette warning the public of the difficulties the country could face if meat plants remained closed.

In the ad, Tyson says that the COVID-19 closures of slaughterhouses and meat packing plants will cause food shortages and serious waste issues.

On April 28, President Trump declared meat supply facilities "critical" and signed an executive order to keep all meat plants open and operating safely.

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