Everyone is always looking for that new place to snag a good meal. Local restaurants are so tied down. What happens if you want that delicious food at an event? Or what if you want something delicious just steps away from a brewery? You check the street for a local food truck. 

There aren't as many trucks in Fort Collins as compared to Denver, but we still have some pretty decent choices. Here are just some of the trucks that you are most likely to spot while you are enjoying the summer weather.

Common Link

Common Link Food Truck
Common Link Facebook

The folks who run Common Link are obsessed with gnomes. Seriously, check out their website, that little guy shows up everywhere. You are most likely to see them traveling around Fort Collins serving up hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer-cooked brats. They also serve hand-cut fries, make their own sauces, and know a good beer when they see one. Also gnomes.

The Waffle Lab

The Waffle Lab
The Waffle Lab Facebook

The Waffle Lab serves up exactly what you would think: waffles. Not just any waffle, however. These are scientifically perfected and mathematically delicious waffles. You will have to check their Facebook to see where and when they are open, but they are usually driving around downtown Fort Collins, sometimes sitting near Patero's Creek Brewing. They are more than happy to serve you up a regular waffle, or if you need something more delicious, try one of their specialty waffles. Including: a grilled cheese waffle; a waffle with smoked salmon, and a beer-brat waffle.

The Rolling Bistro

The Rolling Bistro Food Truck
Credit: The Rolling Bistro

The Rolling Bistro is a self-proclaimed gourmet food truck. Judging by their menu, the food sure is more complicated than burgers and waffles. Want some shrimp on your pasta? Step right up. Cajun omelet or veggie burrito for breakfast? No problem.


Umami Eats Food Truck
Umami Eats Facebook

Pronounced "Ooh-mah-mi," this local food truck is serving up zing-worthy and indescribable Asian food. Their menu includes things like spring rolls, a variety of dumplings, Thai nachos, and other delicious foods. They will also do sushi if you get them to cater your event. (Sushi from a food truck, not as dangerous as it sounds.) They are usually rolling around the Fort Collins breweries, find out where they have parked their bus on their calendar.

 Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express Food Truck
Pineapple express Facebook

Not much is known about Pineapple Express, except that they named themselves after a pot-based movie based on a breed of marijuana based in Hawaii. So logically, their food has a Hawaiian flare to it. (Notice the pineapples?) Delicious offerings like pork, Loco Moco, and some good-looking cheese smothered fries. Check out their Facebook for information on where they will be and to see some pictures of their menu.

Others to watch out for:

Ba-Nom-A-Nom: Serving up bananas and frozen treats.

Broze And Hoze: Serving up sliders and other snacks.

Espresso People: Serving up coffee and sugary delights.

Primal Echo Organic Crepes: Pronounced "crape."

The Goodness: Serving up American style food.

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