The City of Fort Collins plans on making Linden, between Jefferson and Walnut, a 'convertible street' for easy transformation into a solely 'pedestrian' roadway.

This project fits right into the Fort Collins 'vibe' of having festivals with vendors and live music in the Old Town area. They'll be transforming Linden so that that it's easier to close off to vehicles and bikes when circumstances warrant.

To get the full project completed, however, construction will necessitate disruption of outdoor dining/etc along with traffic on Linden and its sidewalks between Walnut and Jefferson, so the city has made the wise decision to hold off on that part of the build.

This way, those businesses along that stretch of Linden can continue to operate outdoors, while the COVID-19 pandemic is still hampering indoor operations. The project was supposed to begin in April of 2020, but the pandemic halted plans.

In February of 2021, they will, however, start working on the intersections of Jefferson/Linden and Walnut/Linden, but that work will not affect outdoor dining areas.

The City of Fort Collins will start on the rest of the work once economic conditions due to the pandemic improve.

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