A former Colorado State University student is the star of a new BBC America docuseries called Baby Chimp Rescue. 

According to The Knowthe series observes alum Jenny Desmond as she and her husband raise orphaned chimpanzees at the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection (LCRP) in West Africa, where the animals face threats of hunting and deforestation.

"People are appalled when they hear about it. 'How can someone kill and eat a chimp?' And I agree, but there's a lot of other bad stuff people do, so it's not [surprising]," Desmond told the publication. "True conservationists would say you should care for them because they're critically endangered, but for me, they're individuals and it's about making sure they have a life they deserve after being traumatized and losing their mothers."

Desmond noted that not all of her rescued chimps will be released back into the wild, in order to avoid exposing them to the same challenges that led to their rescue in the first place.

Instead, she and her husband hope to create a protected sanctuary in the forest, where the animals will be able to enjoy a semi-natural habitat while still having access to human care.

You can watch the series here. 

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