After a sweltering weekend of heat over Labor Day Weekend, we are now experiencing snow in Northern Colorado as of Tuesday morning. The National Weather Service is calling for approximately four to five inches of snow with the first winter storm of the season.

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The expected temperature swing of 65 to 70 degrees from the weekend heat into the winter weather has not been this excessive since 1872... That's nearly 150 years. In 1872, the recorded temperature swing in 24 hours was 66 degrees. The second-largest temperature drop was recorded in 1888 and the third, and most recent, on January 5, 2015, when the temperature dropped from 65 degrees to -5 degrees.


It appears that winter is showing its chilly side a bit early in Colorado for 2020. Let's face it, with the year going the way it is, are we really surprised?

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Source: Coloradoan 

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