Ever wondered what it would be like if you traveled the path of an avalanche as fast as an avalanche would go? Wonder no more!

Drone footage of the path an avalanche might take to get to the roadway was released to Reddit from user @ilikethatduck, and its unlike anything I've seen.

The drone followed the potential path of an avalanche from the top of Peak 4 between Frisco and Copper to I-70 while traveling at 80+ MPH.

Did you know that avalanches can reach speeds of 80 MPH within roughly 5 seconds?

Watch this incredible video below.

Nearly 90% avalanches occur on slopes whose angles vary between 30 and 45 degrees, with the greatest risk of an Avalanche being 24 hours following snowfall of 12+ inches.

Roughly 150 people worldwide die by avalanche every year. Since human are 3 times denser than avalanche debris, we sink quickly.

According to DoSomething.org, if you do get stuck in an avalanche when the slide slows, clear air space to breathe, then punch your hand skyward.

Remember that once an avalanche settles like concrete when it stops.

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