Are you looking to make your relationship a little risque, and want to take the romance to the great outdoors? You may possibly live in the best state to bring it to that level.

Colorado is one of those states where there are many different hidden gems. While many people may have visited them, they haven't let the "dirty side" of their mind go into the sexual direction at those locations.

Well, admittedly, I don't think many of us thought about it here either until I saw an article on Westword talking about this exact same thing. While their focus was completely on the entire state of Colorado, we are narrowing it down even further and looking at just Northern Colorado.

So grab your significant other, and start mapping out your route so you can get away for a weekend and let your inhibitions run wild. You never know, it may be the best thing you have done for your relationship.




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    Horsetooth Mountain Trails

    This was an easy choice for one of the options here in Northern Colorado. We highly recommend bringing along a blanket, and making sure you double check for rattlesnakes around you before you get hot and heavy. However, with all the trails leading to Horsetooth, you'll be able to find a spot perfect for you and your significant other.

    Todd Harding/TSM
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    Near the Poudre Canyon Tunnel

    I'll admit that I'll give you extra bonus points if your mischief happens INSIDE the tunnel. Man...that echo...

    But if you aren't that adventurous, you'll find many locations near the Poudre River around the tunnel that are just as risque. Yes, there will be cars driving past you. But if you find the right spot they won't see you.

    Now, back to that idea of being inside the tunnel...

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    Fossil Creek Natural Reservoir Area

    Picture it. The sun is starting to set. Longs Peak is visible as you walk on the trails, with the snow on top projecting many different colors. It's like a natural aphrodisiac. Just keep in mind that these trails can get busy, so keep that in mind before you get busy. One of the covered pavilions may be your best option.

    Credit: Google
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    Forest Canyon Overlook (Trail Ridge Road)

    So the one thing to keep in mind with this spot is that you are near 12K feet above sea level. So oxygen will be at a premium. So you have two options...

    A.) Keep it short and sweet. No foreplay.

    B.) Buy one of those oxygen containers for $12 and take a dip of it when you need to so the moment lasts longer.

    No matter how you decide, the views from this spot are amazing. And when your significant other yells, "this was out of this world", you know that you get them pretty close to it literally.

    Credit: Google
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    The Big A

    When she asks you to take her to the big "O", mention that the "A" is even better. She may have that confused look on her face first, but she'll realize what you mean when you get closer.

    Also, plan this for the morning if you can get out of the house. Sunrises from this part of Fort Collins can sometimes be unbeatable. Then you can be considered VERY romantic.

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