Helping raise money for Children w/ Cancer. Even when they're off the clock, firefighters join causes that give back to the community. Especially if it has to do with children that deal with difficult hurdles in life. That goes without saying, children w/ cancer. They do even the simplest of acts to help out children and their families who face hardships in this life. You can help them as well. By donating anything you can, you can help the men that save us, reach their goals and be able to help children with cancer. Firefighter Loren Schuessler, for example, has stepped up and offered his fully head of curly hair to help raise funds for St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Teaming up with St. Baldrick's Foundation , they have come up with ways that help raise donations to ease the finial burdens the families have to deal with. This can be such an incredible weight off these families shoulders to have their finances helped with when they are already going through so much on a daily basis. You can also check out what the other Firefighters are doing to raise funds from Loren's Firehouse North Metro Fire and Friends Local 2203 which raise funds for childhood cancer research.

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