Tonight is your chance to decide you makes it in the 2018 Calendar!The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is not only one of the most fun fund raising non-profit, but it is one of the most popular. The Calendar raises proceeds for the burn unit at the Children's Hospital for all those tragically effected by a fire incident. The firefighters not only raise, visit, and support the burn unit but they also a camp every summer for the kids that are injured or affected by a fire related injury. The camp is truly a joy for both the kids and the firefighters that truly care about and don't forget those in their community that they help every day.

The 2018 Colorado Firefighter Calendar Try Outs are tonight! You can help them raise the money the Children's hospital is always needing and help those that face a stressful day, have a fun time showing their personalities and talents on a night that they all look forward too. Try outs start tonight at 7:30pm at the Exdo event center in Denver! If you or someone you know was even curious about what the Calendar is all about, tonight is a great night to check it out and who knows...maybe you are a firefighter that will be in the try outs next year for the 2019 Calendar!

P.S.  Dan (photo firefighter) is from Mtn View!!!!

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