We all get frustrated at Airports at some point, especially at Colorado's DIA, but this former Denver Broncos player may have really crossed the line with his assault on a United Airlines Employee.

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Ex-Denver Bronco Arrested After Fight In AIrport

Traveling can be extremely stressful. While you're typically excited about where you're going, everything surrounding it can put you in a weird state of mind. From packing to finding a ride or dealing with the garbage parking at Denver International Airport, to the long lines to check in our security. It's enough to put anybody in a bad mood. That seems to be the case for this former Denver Bronco and this now-fired United Airlines employee.

TMZ has posted the video below of former 2017 Denver Broncos draft pick, Brandon Langley, getting into an altercation with a United Airlines employee at the Newark Liberty International Airport. While the cause of the altercation hasn't been revealed as of this writing, the video shows the employee having enough of whatever was going on between him and Langley, and he decided it was time to take matters into his own hands, as he stepped out in front of the counter to confront him and the rest, as they say, is history.

Video: Brandon Langley Fights United Airlines Employee

As you can see the employee took a pretty good whoopin' and likely regrets his decision to square up with the former NFL player. Langley was arrested and charged with assault and the United employee has been fired.

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