Europa Colour Salon Spa & Barbershop's COVID-19 closure has now become permanent.

Like most businesses, the Old Town Fort Collins shop temporarily closed shortly before the stay-at-home order went into effect, offering gift cards for customers to utilize upon its planned reopening on April 30.

But on April 24, the salon announced in a Facebook post that its 22 year run was officially over, noting: "We are exceptionally proud of what we have accomplished and the impact we have had on our community. We loved working with all of you."

However, customers are disappointed in more than just the store's closing.

According to The Coloradoan, Europa would have a yearly sale where patrons could purchase gift cards at a 20% discount, and customers are upset at the now uncertain fate of their gift cards.

One client told the publication that she had spent $480 on gifts cards for this year, and that she also paid a monthly fee for the salon's spa membership.

Another customer mentioned she had a $114 gift card left over from Christmas that she is now unable to use.

Each of these clients have reached out to Europa regarding compensation, but The Coloradoan reports that they have not heard back.

Both customers expressed a dissatisfaction at the salon's response, with one noting that it "just needs to honor people's gift cards."

However, the Better Business Bureau states that gift card holders are essentially "out of luck with limited options" if a company goes out of business.

While the salon has not yet acknowledged the gift card situation, Europa did provide a list of where its former employees are working now, so that customers can still enjoy their services elsewhere.

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