The Mustang Mountain Coaster, being constructed now on the outskirts of Estes, will definitely have great views for those who ride it, starting in May of 2021.

The coaster will be another thing to 'check off the list' as people visit Estes Park, as they are 'on track' to open on Memorial Day 2021.

Construction started last year and the company has shown significant progress:

Mustang Coaster
Facebook/Mustang Mountain Coaster

On Facebook, they're asking how fast do people want to go?

What kind of MOUNTAIN COASTER Rider are YOU?
1. NO BRAKES all the way down – Go as FAST AS POSSIBLE?
2. Get a feel for...

Posted by Mustang Mountain Coaster on Monday, November 23, 2020

I, for one, am going to wait until I finish my first ride before I jump into purchasing a 'Lifetime Pass' for $500.

Follow Mustang's progress with their Facebook page HERE.

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