Malaika is a 33-year-old elephant at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo who needs a little help from time to time.

When Malaika was brought to the zoo originally, she had a weak back leg and would often lean on things for support. Now, though, Malaika has a tendency to lay down and stay down-- a sometimes fatal act for elephants.

Elephants are heavy, and laying down for long periods of time can cause stress to their organs, according to a source from News Channel 9. That's why when Malaika was found during an overnight check on her side-- the assumption was that her leg gave out-- more than 20 people had to help, including "keepers, veterinary staff, grounds personnel, The Colorado Springs Fire Department Heavy Rescue team, and the Broadmoor Fire Department". (Source)

Luckily, it sounds like the staff at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is prepared for this sort of thing if it ever happens again-- so Malaika is in great hands.

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