Call us biased, but Red Rocks Amphitheatre is the country's most beautiful outdoor venue, and it's right in our backyard. Unfortunately, we're not treating it that way. While it looks especially great for 78 (or 200 million, whichever you prefer), it's been disrespected by visitors recently.

Following an electronic show last week, the DJ group Louis the Child called out their fans on Twitter for (literally) trashing Red Rocks, YourEDM reported.

'This has to stop,' they posted on Twitter. 'If you’re coming to our shows please clean up after yourself.'

Louis the Child spoke out after they played the Colorado venue on July 11, YourEDM shared, and visitors posted photos and videos of the garbage left behind in the park the day after the show.

'I have to say that there’s trash bins everywhere in the parking lot for these kids to throw their Chick-fil-A, white claws, and peach svedka in the trash.' @duffyofficial posted on Twitter. 'Chad’s Brad’s Stacy’s and Becky’s kill this venue.'

It's not just concerts, though. One Twitter user claims garbage bags were tossed over the cliffs during a graduation ceremony.

Remember 303's How to Not Be a Dick at Red Rocks guide? Just put your trash in the trash, or maybe take the extra step and recycle your cans and plastic bottles. Keep Red Rocks beautiful — there's only one. (Not to mention, the cleaning staff would probably really appreciate it, too.)

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