At a spot that used to be a gallery, is another gallery of sorts: A record gallery. Just off the 'beaten path' of Old Town, yet right in the heart of it, you may find just what you've been looking for.

It's great to see that the nation is at a point where owning and listening to vinyl records isn't "weird," anymore. There's a new place that you can stop in at, and pick up some great tunes for your turntable and listening pleasure, while shopping in Downtown Fort Collins.


The next time that you're in the Old Town area, maybe after getting a bit at Silver Grill, or before having at bite at Rodizio Grill, you'll be in the perfect spot to check this place out. It's on Pine, which runs between Jefferson and Walnut, not far from any of the action happening in Old Town/Downtown Fort Collins.

How big is your record collection? Some people, these days, just have a select few. others have a collection of hundreds or more albums. With the way that music is widely available digitally, it's good to see people getting back to "the basics," of grabbing a record, putting it on the turntable, and just kicking back to enjoy it.


Driver 8 Records has opened at 246 Pine Street, which was the location of Canyon Spirit Gallery for quite some time. You will still find "art" in the spot, just done in a different form than what was probably found at the art gallery. The art of music resides here now.

I stopped in to take a look around the small shop. Owned by a a radio DJ, like myself it was intrigued to see what it looked like, and what it offered. Charles Hale (who works at KRFC radio) has a clean and orderly shop. I wouldn't call it minimalistic, but it's also not jammed with so much stuff that it becomes too crowded.

TSM/Dave Jensen

While I was there, they were spinning a an old Country album, Randy Travis' "Storms of Life." It sounded good, and let me know that the store was open to all sorts of genres, which was also reflected in what was for sale. The store has a lot of new album, and a great selection of "used" albums; the "used" ones were priced great, too.

Take a look at Driver 8 Records:

Old Town Fort Collins New Vinyl Shop - Driver 8 Record

Just off the 'beaten path' of Old Town, yet right in the heart of it, you may find just what you've been looking for.

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