A location that has held several restaurants over the last 20 years, now opens its arms to a new Italian restaurant.

530 Cleveland Avenue in Downtown Loveland was most recently home Slate Italian Eatery; before that, The Inglenook restaurant held the spot for 15 years. You could say this address has 'food' written all over it.

In 2015, Scalzotto opened in Broomfield, Colorado, with chefs from Vincenza Italy. Here we are, six years later, and they're ready to take on the tastebuds of Loveland. Their menu is making this local, hungry.

  • Chicken Marsala
  • Salmon Piccata
  • Fettuccine with Mushroom
  • Fradiavala Seafood
  • Chicken Parmigiana
  • Gluten Free Pasta
  • Cannoli

'Leave the gun; take the cannoli.'

It's great that they've chosen Loveland as their second location; I wonder what brings them to town? Maybe they've seen the growth that's happening in Downtown, even though some shops have closed more and more are opening.

With the renovations of the Pulliam Building (across from Scalzotto) happening, more people will be gathering in this northern portion of Downtown, as well.

There really aren't that many Italian restaurants in Loveland:

  • Biaggi's
  • Pinnochio's
  • Blocky's
  • Scalzotto

Scalzotto has a great shot at success in Loveland. I like Italian food on Sundays; it reminds me of family. I picture big families sitting around a big table, boisterous and jolly. 'Pass me a roll!'

There used to a newspaper/book store at the corner of Cleveland, City Newsstand. I would be great to have that place back to go and grab a paper, tuck underneath your arm and stroll into Scalzotto; it just has that 'old Italy' feel about it.

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